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Navigating the Game of Roblox using the Navigation Bar

games, build imaginatively and have a social world. There are many features that the Roblox game has, that are used to help the player to play the game easily.

There are two navigation bars on the page; one on the top of the page and one on the left of the page. These navigation bars have various links that help to play the game and make use of various elements and icons to guide the new player.

The top Navigation bar contains various icons that guide you to the Games, the Catalog, the Develop and the Robux. The Games guides you to find a game that would interest you; the Catalog is the place where you purchase items to play in Roblox; Develop helps in the creation of new content as well as to manage the things and places you have created in Roblox and the Robux, as you know is the online currency used in Roblox for purchase and sale of various items and articles for your characters. Apart from these features there is another icon located at the right top corner known as the gear icon, which helps in various functions such as, to view pages like Help, for logging out as well as giving access to Account Settings. Other features can be accessed such as making changes in privacy settings, to edit account settings, changing birthday dates, changing password or email id, etc.

Roblox Tips

The Roblox (Gaming Platform) has various features to help the user to create games that will be accepted by all. The players who make the best games will get fame and glory if his game is accepted by the multitude. To be more creative you need a lot of Robux to buy many things from the store which will help to speed the process of creating the game. Through Roblox free Robux, you can get free currencies to purchase more accessories for building the game. This can be done using the roblox hack to get free currencies.

This bar has various features such as the Home page which gives information about the Roblox and your avatar; The Profile which guides you to the main avatar page as well as gives information about your friends and groups; Friends gives you details regarding your friends and your followers, you also have Groups if you are a member of the group; the Forum to communicate with your friends and developers. These help you to have a good social relationship in the game. The Blog is another feature along with Upgrade Now which gives you an opportunity to purchase membership. There is also the Trade which comes along with My Transactions and the Trade feature. These give information on all transactions and currencies. The Avatar is your customization page while the Inventory gives you details of the various items stocked such as the badges, shirts, hats, decals, models and other articles which are generally used to play the game.

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